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In December 2022, 16 educators met at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredericton, New Brunswick to produce media and share their experiences about teaching sexuality education in New Brunswick.


Below, you can find three collaborative zines created by participants: 1) What I Wish I Learned about Teaching Sex Ed; 2) Desire in Sexuality Education; and 3) What Supports are Needed for Teaching Sex Ed? We also offer a short collaborative cellphilm (cellphone + film production + intention) that responded to the prompt, "what are my boundaries in teaching sex education?" and a video of the sex education resources teachers bring into their classrooms.

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IMG_20221202_0003 - Edited (1).png

What I Wish I

Learned About

Teaching Sex Ed


Desire in

Sex Education

IMG_20221205_0001 - Edited.png

Supports Needed

in Sex Education

Boundaries in Teaching Sex Ed

Boundaries in Teaching Sex Ed

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Teachers Classroom Resources

Teachers Classroom Resources

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